Strengthen your child's reading muscles.

Result-driven brain exercises that build the sector of the brain responsible for reading comprehension.

Enhance your childs reading skills.

LiFT increases your child's capacity to learn by strengthening the specific neural pathways responsible for reading comprehension.

"Only 3 months in and I’m truly impressed by the results. My daughter’s reading has improved immensely both in and outside the classroom."

Samantha Rodriguez

Live 1:1 sessions


Your child is unique. That’s why we emphasize personal, 1:1 training — where every session is personalized for your child’s brain development.

Maximum Accountability

When a child builds a bond with their personal trainer, aligned with clear goals and a sense of responsibility, motivation spikes. Your child will feel the urge to impress their trainer - creating the perfect recipe for growth.

Regular Progress Reports

We send out personal progress reports regularly- keeping you up-to-date on your child's overall performance and any adjustments we make to ensure their continued growth.

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Comprehension aligns with your child's needs.

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