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Since founded in 2001, LiFT Brain Training has tranformed thousands of students lives. We are proud to be the leading brain-based educational practice in North America.


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Dr. Fabian Redler

Dr. Fabian Redler

Founder of LiFT Brain Training and a Leading Expert in Pediatric Neuroscience
It is such a pleasure to share our history with you, after more than two decades in the field of psychology and innovative learning and thousands of students helped around the globe.

We have gone through uncharted territory to finally rank as an elite. As most professionals support the idea of accommodating learning to fit a child's needs, we continue to say, "Let's figure out how to adapt the child to be able to handle the learning because the world won't accommodate for them when they become adults."

Today, research has finally caught up to what we've been claiming for years: Training cognitive skills (i.e., memory and attention) is essential in the learning process. Although the most prevalent learning programs support this concept in theory, they do little to improve them. Developing cognitive skills within the teaching structure continues to be something we venture alone.

Our impact in youth learning has been remarkable; thank you for being a part of it.

Our core values

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We believe in life-long learning, giving and receiving candid feedback. It's okay to make mistakes.


We believe everyone is unique. Together, these perspectives and passions help us build the best product.


We believe creators are problem-solvers that find solutions with limited resources.


We believe that communities are magical and help individuals to belong.

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