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LiFT's individualized programs help ADHD children thrive. With over 20 years of experience, we've crafted and tested 50+ attention-stimulating exercises that train the brain to focus, tone-down, and filter out distractions.
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Homework was so hard because I could never focus. I feel like I have superpowers now.

Eddie Thomson

I feel like a new person. In class, I get what's going on and feel good about myself. I don't get much anxiety now.

Sabrina Cohen

Kick ADHD to the curb.

Build each pillar of attention, and start concentrating.
  • Selective Attention: Focusing on one task
  • Sustained Attention: Focus for long periods
  • Divided Attention: Multi-tasking
  • Alternating Attention: Switching between tasks

Why LiFT?

Personalized, Live 1:1 Sessions

Your child is unique. That’s why we emphasize personal, live training — where every session is personalized for your child’s brain development.

Motivation and Responsibility Spike

When a child builds a bond with their personal trainer, aligned with clear goals and a sense of responsibility, motivation spikes. Your child will feel the urge to impress their trainer - creating the perfect recipe for growth.

Continual Progress Reports

We send out personal progress reports regularly- keeping you up-to-date on your child's overall performance and any adjustments we make to ensure their continued growth.

Complimentary Homework Help

Your child's trainer is also a tutor, ready to assist with upcoming exams, difficult lessons and homework. Save your money—there's no need for a separate, ordinary tutor.

What parents are saying.

Nearly 90% of parents see a difference in their child's attention and grades within 90 days.
After struggling with ADHD medications, we were lucky enough to find an alternative. After a few months, my daughter grades have jumped.

Amrita Sutar

He's now medication-free and has the attention span and confidence to thrive.

Fanny Malcove

Josh's teacher recognized the big changes. He's not only paying close attention, but he's engaging throughout the entire class.

Ella Harmone

She went from calling herself a "bad test-taker", to acing exams. It was just a matter of improving attention.

Jessica Williams

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  • ADHD Evaluation ($675 Value)
  • Includes free tutoring. Never pay for homework help again ($1000/m value)
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